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Reigning Love

A New Collaborative Art Project

Here is a glimpse of the hearts that have been created and mailed:

heart pink mixed media w bckgrnd.jpg
Heart gallery 3.jpg
Send love across the miles during COVID-19
During this unprecedented time, many people have been affected by the pandemic.
This initiative uses art to let someone know you're thinking of them, and send out good vibes. From medical professionals to essential workers and everyone suffering from the virus and/or loss of a loved one, this is a time we can connect our hearts and send out love while we shelter-in-place.
For a demonstration on how to make a mixed media heart, watch this video.
Want to Participate?
It's easy!
Step 1: E-mail with your name and mailing address.
Step 2: Wait for a reply e-mail, where I will assign you a project partner.
Step 3: Create an art piece to send. Use your creativity! Gather simple materials to make a heart. Final art should be playing card size (2.5"x3.5") or 5"x7" -- or anywhere in between. Just make sure it can be mailed easily via the post office before the May 15th deadline. Some ideas:
       • Watercolor a heart
       • Stitch a heart
       • Collage a heart
       • Paint a heart
Step 4: Mail your piece to your assigned partner by May 15, 2020. 
*Before mailing, snap a photo or scan your art and send to Jennifer to be posted in an online Heart Gallery.
**If there is interest or you'd like to do a second round after May 15th, we'll introduce another wave of Hearts.
heart crazy scribbles.jpg
The Backstory
This is a time of great emotion and anxiety. Upon hearing the news that a friend had taken ill and was in the hospital on a ventilator, I was trying to deal with the helplessness of it all. The saying "April Showers Bring May Flowers," gave me an idea to do an art project that showed hearts raining down from the heavens. The idea morphed into a way to send love to anyone, as a way to brighten their day and lift all our spirits in the process. "Let's make it rain LOVE," I thought.
Of all the emotions we can generate during this time, displaying kindness, empathy, courage, hope, and love are the ones that serve our highest good. It is with this intention that we could strive to let LOVE reign.
Please join me. We can do this!
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